Construction Update

Construction at Sabanera Dorado began in 2000, and the community began receiving its first residents in 2003. Since then, and until December 2019, a total of 588 residences of about 900 single-family units have been delivered.

Our community features recreational and athletic amenities that are now available. These include the beautiful Club House, featuring a movie theater, rooms for private events, an Olympic-size pool, a river pool, the Sabanera Health Center, the Café de La Pérgola and Convenience Store, two covered basketball and volleyball courts, four tennis courts, a soccer field and a running track, in addition to miles of walking trails and approximately 60 “cuerdas”, or Spanish acres (approximately 58.27 acres) of natural lakes for kayaking or fishing.

The TASIS Dorado School, located inside the community, is now fully operational, with an enrollment of about 890 students, a majority of them residents. It offers enrollment from PPK to 12th grade, and has all the institutional accreditations. It has also been recognized by the Middle States Assoc. as one of the most outstanding schools in all of the United States.

In 2013, Sabanera Dorado celebrated its 10th anniversary and presented its new island, ISLA LAGO. Two new models were introduced on this new island: Villa del Lago and Casona del Lago. Villa del Lago features approximately 3,200 feet of construction, and lots spanning 690 meters, from $477,000. Casona del Lago features approximately 4,000 feet of construction and corner lots spanning 840+ meters, with a starting price of $638,000.

Throughout 2020 we will complete delivery of residences on the island. We will soon begin the pre-sale phase of the next wave of homes; these are scheduled to be delivered beginning May – June 2021.

Our community keeps growing, and we hope to continue making many families’ dreams a reality so they can continue making Sabanera Dorado their home.